Build Guide


Included with Quarrykase60:

  • Solid marble tray mount keyboard case
  • Bead-blasted clear anodized aluminum Nugget
  • USB-C extension and 2-piece housing
  • (4) Black and (4) Clear rubber feet
  • (7) M2 screws (1 is extra)
  • (6) M2x3 brass standoffs (1 is extra)
  • (1) M2x3 steel standoff (for spacebar)
  • Authentication card
  • Build guide card
  • Keyboard sock



Build Guide:

The Quarrykase60 is a tray mount style case compatible with most standard 60% PCBs and plates. The PCB and plate assembly fit in the top of the case and are attached with 6 M.2 screws. Please be careful not to over tighten the screws into the case standoffs.

The USB port components (Nugget, USB-C extension and 2-piece housing) are designed to attached to the case in only one orientation. View the Build Guide illustration for reference. If the magnets pull everything together securely, the pieces are assembled correctly. The male end of USB-C extension should connect to your PCB and the female end should point outwards from the case connecting to your cable.

Two sets of 4 rubber feet are included. You can choice whether to use the black set or the clear set.


Mods (optional):

If you prefer a softer typing experience, the standoffs can be unscrewed from the case to allow for more flexibility. They may be a bit tight to take out at first, so we recommend using a nut driver or pliers. The standoffs under the spacebar and between G and H are the most commonly taken out. As with the screw warning above, please be careful not to over tighten the standoffs into the case if you are putting them back in.

If you wish to mount your PCB and plate with a gummy o-ring (not included), we recommend purchasing 2 additional wider standoffs (which you can easily find in M.2 SSD mounting kits) to screw into the tops of the left and rightmost case standoffs. This will help accommodate for the o-ring softness and raise your PCB and plate assembly further above the tray. This will also provide more room for case foam if you'd like to dampen the sound. This height may affect how the USB components are seated and you may find it is better without the 2-piece housing.