Hi, we're Quarrykeys, a keyboard making duo from Toronto, Canada! We specialize in making keyboard cases out of luxury stones. Check us out @quarrykeys on Instagram for all our latest content!

Quarrykeys started as a question of "what if"? - a question we think is asked frequently in the keyboard community. A spirit of constantly trying new things, questioning why things are, and how could something be made cooler.
We were inspired by all the different and amazing community driven designs - cool shapes, materials, accents, features, endless number of switches, keycaps, pcbs, mods and accessories. And of course, all the colours!
More than anything, we were inspired by the OG creators and mad scientists who started making keyboards out of acrylic, wood and concrete, figuring things out for themselves and trailblazing a path for enthusiasts to follow. It was here we asked ourselves "What if a case was made entirely of marble? What would it look like? Is it even possible?!"

Our design and manufacturing philosophy
One of our goals with Quarrykeys was to be as hands on as possible. With one half of our duo having a Masters in Architecture (and the other half with experience in business), it was our desire to challenge ourselves beyond the initial design process and venture into manufacturing. From modelling to tool passing, material sourcing to inventory management, inception to fulfillment, every step of the way has been a labour of love and an amazing learning experience.

Our Ambitions
Our hope for Quarrykeys and beyond is to produce unique designs that people will fall in love with. With our first keyboard, we're designing it not just for the enthusiasts, but for their friends, family and loved ones with whom they want to share their passion.

<3 Quarrykeys